Lovastatin (Cholesterol) in Malaysia

Lovastatin (Cholesterol) in Malaysia. Lovastatin price starts from $31.

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Enhance health and beauty. Take the time to choose the right lifestyle drug for you. Find data, deals, discounts, information, advice, and tips to improve health. Lovastatin (Cholesterol) in Malaysia sample price starts from $31.

Best price$31
Price range$31 - $48
Side effectsSide effects
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There is no official definition for lifestyle drugs, but generally speaking they are medications designed to improve a person's quality of life by treating less serious conditions that some individuals believe are not life threatening. Examples of lifestyle drugs include drugs that address erectile dysfunction (Viagra, Cialis), drugs that are used for birth control (Yaz, Levora), drugs that are used to prevent balding (Propecia), drugs that are used for weight-loss (Meridia), smoking cessation drugs (Zyban, Chantix) and additional cosmetic-related drugs that may improve your appearance, but don't necessarily improve your health (Latisse, Botox).


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